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CAS/Key/Cluster Programming

-BMW ISN, BMW Instrument Cluster, CAS 3/3+/4

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Description du service

CAS/Key/Cluster programming is a service that involves reprogramming or reconfiguring a vehicle's key, CAS (car access system), or instrument cluster. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, including replacing lost or damaged keys, adding additional keys, or reprogramming the CAS or instrument cluster for improved functionality. One of the key services that we offer in CAS/Key/Cluster programming is BMW ISN (Individual Serial Number) programming. This involves extracting the ISN from the original DME (digital motor electronics) and programming it into a new or used DME. This can be useful for replacing a faulty or damaged DME while retaining the original key and immobilizer information, allowing the vehicle to start and run normally. We also offer programming services for BMW instrument clusters, which can be useful for correcting issues such as incorrect mileage or warning lights. We can reprogram the instrument cluster to correct these issues, restoring the vehicle to its proper functionality. Another common service we offer in CAS/Key/Cluster programming is programming of CAS 3/3+/4. This involves programming the CAS to work with a new or used key, allowing the vehicle to be started and driven normally. This can be useful for replacing lost or damaged keys, or adding additional keys to the vehicle. In conclusion, CAS/Key/Cluster programming is a valuable service that can help to address a variety of issues with a vehicle's key, CAS, or instrument cluster. Whether you need to replace a lost or damaged key, correct issues with the instrument cluster, or reprogram the CAS to work with a new or used key, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our CAS/Key/Cluster programming services, including BMW ISN programming, BMW instrument cluster programming, and CAS 3/3+/4 programming.

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